Pirates v Padres, PNC Park, 6/21-22/2019


The first game of this series was a good one starting with a found baseball in CF for Ball #1 followed by a thrown baseball from the Pirates bullpen catcher Heberto Andrade, Ball #2.

It was a hot day, and the Pirates were smacking the baseballs around pretty good.

I came up with four scrums and 2 caught homers for Ball #3-8.

No baseballs during the Padres bp.


Another 4:05 Saturday start, meaning a half hour extra wait time to get into LF and CF.

I decided to try to catch the Padres at 2:30 after they finished warming up on the 1st base side.  It was a big success as one of the Padres, possibly a bullpen catcher it appeared tossed me Ball #1 to avoid a shut out.  To add icing to the cake, the ball was a Padres 50th year commemorative from last year.  Awesome.

During the game I came up with a Manny Machado game home run on the fly for Ball #2, my second game home run of the year.

That was all for the day, but a good one it was to come up with an unexpected Padres 50th commemorative, and a Manny Machado game hr.


Two Game Set-10

Lifetime Total-3621




Pirates v Tigers, PNC Park,6/18/2019

Pittsburgh drew Detroit this year for a two game inter-league series on a Tuesday and Wednesday in June.

Detroit and Pittsburgh left a lot to be desired, it was a quiet day for home runs during the first game of the series where I came away with a toss up from Heberto Andrade for Ball #1, a scrum in LF for Ball #2, and a toss up of one of the baseballs hit into the ivy from the Pirates staff, Ball #3.

The second game of the series was a rained out bp.

Orioles v Blue Jays, Camden Yards, 6/11-12-2019

Not sure how many years it had been since I had been to Baltimore, the Charm City.  This was my fifth trip there.

Baltimore wails with sirens throughout much of the day, it is a pretty wild city to say the least.  I take an adventure run in every city I visit, but in Baltimore I never stray far from the Inner Harbor area.

Camden Yards offers an early entry time for STH at 5:00 which is good, I caught up with Doug Hakey who kindly let me use one of his STH cards to get in each of the games I attended.  Camden Yards also allows you access to the 3rd base side of the field, giving you an excellent chance to get toss ups from the visiting team.  In my case, I didn’t have much competition from many Blue Jays fans.  I did however catch up with Justin Schwartz of MGB for the first time, he is from Toronto.

Here are a few pics I took along the way:

One building reflected in another.

balt reflectrion

Play Like a Raven

plya like a raven

Babe Ruth statue


Inner Harbor



It was a long, hot hour waiting for the gates to open.

When I entered into LF, the Orioles were finishing up their batting practice.

I found Ball #1 and Ball #2 in the LF seating area.

When the Blue Jays were done throwing I got the attention of Edwin Jackson, a tosser of a no hitter for Ball #3.  Edwin Jackson threw a no hitter at Tropicana field as a Diamondback, a 1-0 win where Edwin threw a total of 149 pitches.  He allowed 8 walks in this game.  The Blue Jays recently designated Edwin for assignment, an MLB record 14th club he pitched for.  I have a toss up from Edwin as a CHW, CHC, and as of this day a Blue Jay.

blue jays warm up

After this I went down to where the position players were throwing and got Teoscar Hernandez to throw me a long one over the netting above the dugout.  Ball #4.

I was able to find another baseball in LF that nobody had came across for Ball #5 and caught a homer in LF from an unidentified Blue Jay for Ball #6, the final ball of the day.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr was a disappointment at Bp, I played him out in CF and nothing came my way, he hit a few to a crowded LF.


Camden Yards has always been a good place for found baseballs if you are early and ready to get in when the gates open.

This one was no different from the prior game, I came up with three baseballs sitting in LF for Ball #1-3 and came up with a Baltimore Oriole HR that was easy to track in the empty seats for Ball #4 early on.

Eutaw Street

eutaw 3

Over in Foul territory was another Easter Egg for Ball #5.

At the end of the Blue Jays warm up session I got Eric Sogard’s attention who tossed up his warm up baseball for Ball #6.

The Blue Jays didn’t put on much of a show during their portion of bp for the second straight day, I again played Vladimir Guerrero Jr and the other right handed hitters in the lesser crowded CF.  I came away with no hit baseballs but got the attention of both Teoscar Hernandez and Marcus Stroman for Ball #7-8.  I gave away the last one to a kid that I noticed did not get any baseballs.

View of Camden Yards from behind home plate.


2 game total-14

Life time total-3608





Pirates v Braves, PNC Park, 6/4-5/2019


I know one player I was excited to see.  Ronald Acuna Jr.  Last year I caught two lasers hit by him during bp onto the LF crosswalk.

During these two games I did not come up with any of his home runs, but he did put on a show to the CF area, landing a bp homer off the top of the security guard shack.  That is over the Pirates bullpen, across a short walkway and onto a roof.  The North Side Notch is 410 feet.  That ball travelled over the bullpens, the walkway and onto that roof.  Sammy Sosa hit the longest homer at PNC Park to this day at 484 feet.  That one didn’t land on the roof of the guard shack.  I know it wasn’t during the game but it was well over 490 feet.

Again I started off in CF and came away with a Richard Rodriguez toss up for Ball #1.  That was all over in CF, I hustled back over to catch up with my friend Heberto Andrade for a toss up of Ball #2.

I got one baseball in LF on a scrum from an unidentified Brave, Ball #3.

I went over to CF for the final group to play Brian McCann who has been around a good while.  Despite this, he launched a long one that I could track and catch without much effort for Ball #4.


To begin this I finally caught up with Pirates starting pitcher Chris Archer.

During the 2013 WC game in Cleveland, one of the few I was wearing a Rays shirt; Chris Archer found me for two different tossed baseballs.

He hasn’t changed since, I asked him for a baseball he had in hand and he flipped it up for Ball #1.


Back over to LF I caught up with the Pirates bullpen catcher named Heberto Andrade for Ball #2.

During the Braves batting practice I got a scrum underneath the LF bleachers and caught a long homer hit by Josh Donaldson for Ball #3, and Ball #4.

A beautiful day and skyline.


Braves hat signed by ex bullpen pitcher Johnny Venters with Pirate hat and caught Josh Donaldson home run during bp.

braves pic and hAT


Two Game Set-8



Bellinger, Muncy, Gallo, Hader, Aguilar

4 hats



Pirates v Brewers, PNC Park, 5/31-6/1/2019


I was hoping for a good day for homers with Yelich, Moustakas, Braun, Cain, Thames, etc but it was lackluster.

During the Pirates portion of bp I found Ball #1 in the CF seats and got a toss up from Pirates call up Alex Mccrae, Ball #2.

Over in CF I came up with a thrown baseball from Heberto Andrade, Ball #3, and a caught homer off the bat of Ryan Braun, Ball #4.


Another Saturday, 4:05 start.

No Pirates would take cuts on the field, but a select group of Brewers did.

In CF, when the Brewers began to hit their closer Josh Hader was out early and tracked down a ball in CF.  I called out early on and he lofted a perfect throw to me in the CF seats for Ball #1.

josh hader

I found Ball #2 on the Clemente Wall, and caught a homer of the bat of Brewers right handed slugger Jesus Aguilar for Ball #3 to end the game and series v the Beer Makers.


Two Game Set-7


Pirates v Dodgers, PNC Park, 5/24-25/2019


It was a fairly low crowd for a Friday game, I decided with the Pirates lefties in the starting lineup to start off in CF and it worked.

I found a baseball in the empty section shortly after entering for Ball #1.

Jung Ho Kang, who has recently returned to the Pirates lineup and hit a homer 457 feet today, in a losing effort; tossed me up Ball #2.


After this I was checking the ivy and came upon this one close enough to reach, Ball #3.


On the way out of the section on the way to the river walk to play Cole Tucker I caught a homer for Ball #4, and not long after came up with my first ball thrown or hit by Cole Tucker for Ball #5.

cole tucker

It was awesome to be at 5 baseballs with the Dodgers yet to take their portion of bp, with all of their powerful lefties it was a no brainer to play the river walk behind CF.

Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, Max Muncy, Cody Bellinger, Alex Verdugo, Matt Beaty

Cody Bellinger put one on the walk for an easy track and catch for Ball #6.  Max Muncy then put me to work, I tracked a bomb he hit from the CF gate all the way over to the far end fence of Manny Sanguillens BBQ.  A Ballhawk dream of a track and catch for Ball #7.

Back over at the gate to CF Cody Bellinger hit me a can of corn bp homer for Ball #8, and the final of the day.



A rare Saturday evening game, it sucks that every year the Pirates have more 4:05 games which shortens batting practice, this year there are too many to track.  This was a rare 7:05 pm start.

Dodger bullpen pitchers warming up.

dodgers warm up

Kenley Jansen getting some work in.

kenly janden

As for practice I linked up with Heberto Andrade for Ball #1, and came up with a Pirate scrum for Ball #2.

For the Dodgers, they took an abbreviated, optional bp.  Prior to the start Cody Bellinger launched his warm up ball to the front of the section to no one particular, it wasn’t hard to get to for Ball #3.

The Dodgers didn’t send so many homers into the seats as they did the previous day, I did come away with one caught homer on the river walk for Ball #4 to end the day and series with the Dodgers.


Two Game Set-12



Pirates v Rockies, PNC Park, 5/22-23/2019


To begin the series I decided to start off in CF, and it started well with a scrum of a baseball hit by a Pirate for Ball #1.

Things slowed way down for a while until I found a baseball on the Clemente Wall for Ball #2.

Over in LF, the Rockies big hitters were pretty slow to get going and didn’t do too much, I did get the attention of Antonio Senzatela for a toss up, Ball #3.

Things ended well after a long draught to begin, I came away with a caught homer and scrum for Ball #4, and Ball #5.

I stayed for some of the game and caught up with Heberto Andrade at the Pirates bullpen, without having to ask he flipped a ball up for Ball #6.

During the game, in the bottom of the 6th I was talking with a friend at the gate to the CF seats when a baseball came bouncing by and to the wall of the river walk close behind.  I kicked it into gear and grabbed it, having no idea where it came from.  It turns out Colorado Rockies CF Ian Desmond had thrown it high to the back of the section where it was missed and kept on going.  Ball #7.



Somehow things started off with a toss up from the Pirates bullpen catcher Heberto Andrade for Ball #1.

Nothing else came of the Pirates batting practice.

When the Rockies came on I was hoping for a better performance then the prior bp, not long into it I came away with a scrum of a homer of the bat of perennial All Star Nolan Arenado, Ball #2.

The Clemente Wall provided one found baseball, Ball #3, I then headed back over to LF for the rest of the Rockies batters.

The Rockies would provide a bit of a show during the second two groups, I came up with a scrum and two caught home runs for Ball #4, 5, 6.


Two game set-13