Pirates v Cardinals, PNC Park, 8/3-4/2018

After a tough month of July, between the Cubs game on August 1st and these two games with the Cardinals I stand at 15 baseballs for August so far, 5 per game.  The goal remains to be in the top 5 of MGB and to reach 300 on the year.  It will be tough but the start to August is good.

The Cardinals have been a fun bp over the past few years, their last time at PNC was a good one for myself and others.  Just from Marcell Ozuna, I had two caught homers.  This time, out of both games combined I came away with zero hit balls or any balls from the Cardinals for both games.  All 11 baseballs from Pirates bp.

Friday, 8/3

Ball #1-Caught home run

Ball #2-Scrum

Ball #3-Scrum

Ball #4-Caught home run

Ball #5-Caught home run

Ball #6-Stadium employee

Saturday, 8/4

Ball #1-Heberto Andrade toss up

Ball #2-Found

Ball #3-Scrum

Ball #4-Caught home run

Ball #5-Caught home run





Pirates v Cubs, PNC Park, 8/1/2018

This game was remarkable for bad reasons, three people were injured during bp.  First a kid took one of his arm trying to make a catch and fell to the ground.  Second, a man took a baseball off the top of his head which knocked him down.  Third, and the worst of all, a young boy, who in my opinion should not have been left to his own accord in the front row took a bp homer to the face.  This may have been a result of Jesse Chavez launching his glove in the air to try and knock it down or whatever.

This game was also remarkable given that security was not present at the season ticket holder gate, just about everyone wearing Cubs apparel were streaming into the narrow LF bleachers and the small CF section.  It really was a ridiculous, raucous crowd.

I didn’t do bad but it was a struggle.

Upon entrance I was able to track down a Starling Marte ground rule double by the LF foul pole.  Ball #1.

Ball #2 was another scrum, with Erik J. that he originally covered with his glove then the baseball seemingly fell back out.

Ball #3 was a ricochet catch on the LF crosswalk, followed by a caught homer off the bat of Ben Zobrist, Ball #4.




Pirates v Mets, PNC Park, 7/26-28/2018

Thursday, 7/26

One thing is for sure, the Metropolitans have nothing to offer during bp.

I ended up with a scrum and a caught homer-Ball #1-2, for the Pirates portion of bp, and came away with nothing by the time the Mets were done.

Another thing for sure is that PNC groundscrew are the worst at preparing for, and being flexible for setting up bp even if a little rain occurs.  I mention this because to everyone’s surprise, on Friday the Pirates groundscrew tarped the field and removed all bp equipment from the field.  For what, about 2 minutes tops of lite rain and a cloudy sky which passed within minutes, turning to nothing but sunshine the rest of the time.

Saturday, 7/28

This was a better game, one which I was able to enjoy with my wife and kids.

During bp I was able to come away with two scrums and a caught homer, no big excitement.  I believe one of these was during the Mets portion but they were again terrible.

After the Pirates LF Jordan Luplow finished warming up in the top of the first he spotted me and my daughter Shianne on the LF crosswalk and threw us his baseball.  Ball #4.  Very cool, I used to be able to hold her and catch toss ups but now she is too tall and just stood next to me.

Shianne and I with the Luplow toss.


Family pic


Enjoying the post game firework show


Pirates v Brewers, PNC Park, 7/12-13/2018

Milwaukee didn’t show much between Thames, Yelich, Aguilar, etc.  They were fair at best in terms of their bp.

7/12, Thursday

Zack Hample was in town so there was somewhat of a buzz in the air with all the young kids and younger ball hawks.  Just about all the regulars who frequent PNC were on hand also.

To get things going Thursday Heberto Andrade came out and threw a baseball right at me, Ball #1.

Ball #2 was a clean catch on the LF crosswalk, followed by a scrum also on the LF crosswalk.

For a while things died down, in RF the Brewers showed little pop, providing minimal opportunity.  I decided to go over and play Keon Broxton in the last group on the LF crosswalk and this payed off as he skied a long homer to me for Ball #4.

7/13, Friday

One of my lowest evening games in a while which took me into the All Star Break at 184 balls on the season.

Ball #1-Heberto Andrade decided to throw me a baseball.

Ball #2-Scrum near the North Side Notch.

All Star Break total-184

Career Total-3365

Pirates v Nationals, PNC Park, 7/9/2018

The weather was good for the week, no threats of rain.

boat on allegheny2

Washington was a pretty exciting bp team, however, Bryce Harper only took an abbreviated bp during the second game.  He was not present for bp the first game.

7/9, Monday

For the first time in a long time as I went into the LF bleachers, after others had already entered I found a baseball sitting right out in the open, Ball #1.

Ball #2 was a scrum of a baseball that took a ricochet in my direction.  Elias Diaz continues to make Pirates bp in LF entertaining, he launched one onto the crosswalk that I caught on the fly for Ball #3, and hit another which I was able to scrum for Ball #4.

Anthony Rendon was the hot hitter for the Nationals, Erik Jabs caught two of his homers on the fly, and I was able to come away with a catch also on the LF crosswalk for Ball #5.

Over on the Clemente Wall I was able to find another ball on the day for Ball #6, and back over in LF I finished things off with a scrum for Ball #7.

7/10, Tuesday

Things began on cue with a Heberto Andrade toss up for Ball #1.

Over in CF I caught a Josh Bell homer on the river walk for Ball #2.

My next baseball was a caught homer off the bat of Jordan Luplow, another nice addition to Pirates bp as he can rake them up onto the LF crosswalk.  Anyway, he hit one really high and into the sun which I initially couldn’t track.  I noticed others staring up at the ball as it continued to carry.  I ran to my right on the LF crosswalk and up the staircase to the upper bleachers and arrived just in time for the catch up top.  Ball #3.

I finished up with two scrums on the LF crosswalk hit by unidentified Nationals, Ball #4, Ball #5.





Pirates v Phillies, PNC Park, 7/6-7/2018

Friday, 7/6

This three game set Fri-Sun came with a dreaded Saturday day game, and there was no bp on Sunday for either team.

The Phillies weren’t that impressive any way in terms of home runs, and of course the stands were jammed with plenty of Philadelphian’s.

I only came away with three baseballs.

Ball #1-Heberto Andrade

Ball #2-Scrum

Ball #3-Home run caught on fly

Saturday, 7/7

Thanks to Euclides Rojas being in a real giving mood I was able to come away with one baseball on the day.



Red Legs v White Sox, GABP, 7/2-3/2018

I wanted to have a good start to July, and it had been a while since I had been to GABP, where I have had alot of success at in the past.  I headed out to the Queen City starting the month of July at 150 balls.

Some of the sights I enjoyed along the way..

Sing the Queen City

sing the queen city

Walk up to GABP from the Roebling bridge


Facing the upper portion of LF at GABP

lf view

As you can see the weather for Tuesdays game was looking iffy, it poured from about 3:30 to 3:45 but luckily the grounds crew got the field ready in a hurry when the rain ceased.

I was able to take a walk around the Cincinnati Reds HOF museum which is very well put together and full of Reds history and cool baseball stuff.

The new feature at the museum was titled, “Threads.”  Reds uniforms from as far back as the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings who were baseballs first all professional team who carried ten salaried players.

oldest shirt

Most recent Cincinnati Reds Threads


Pete Rose statue, unveiled on June 17, 2017

pete rose

GABP Home Plate view

cin home plate view

Things went well during both bp’s…

Tuesday, 7/2

Ball #1-Found

Ball #2-Joey Votto home run on fly

Ball #3-Dylan Floro toss up

Ball #4-Matt Harvey toss up

Ball #5-Leury Garcia toss up

Ball #6-Chris Volstad toss up

Wednesday, 7/3

Ball #1-Found

Ball #2-Michael Lorenzen toss up

Ball #3-Foul Ball Scrum

Ball #4-Found

Ball #5-Tucker Barnhardt home run on fly

Ball #6-unidentified home run on fly

Some other cool sights along the way..

Roebling Bridge view from Cincinnati side.

roebling bridge view

Boat on the Ohio at sunset