Reds v Royals, GABP, 9/25-26/2018

When I came to the end of the road of the 2018 season I was on the road, at my favorite road ballpark, GABP.

Lauren and I headed down there Tuesday morning, and for pretty much the entire drive it rained until about a half hour out of Cincinnati.

As has been in the case with games I have went to GABP for, it all worked out, the rain cleared and did not threaten further after it being a terrible forecast to start the day.

Tuesday, 9/25

Upon entry to the bp tour I found two water logged baseballs, Ball #1, 2.  With no Reds yet taking bp I took the time to take a picture from up high on the RF wall.

high view

It took a little bit to get Reds call up Mason Williams to toss one up, but I did come away with a toss from him. Ball #3.

mason 3

Jared Hughes reluctantly threw me a baseball for Ball #4, he acts like he doesn’t remember me from PNC Park.

My final ball during Reds bp was a scrum of a ball hit out to the CF most part of the seating, Ball #5.

Brandon Maurer was the first KC player to toss me a baseball, Ball #6.


Next came a caught homer and a scrum for Ball #7, 8.

Brad Keller threw a whole slew of baseballs, one to me for Ball #9.  He is in the group in the pic above as well.

I found another water logged baseball over in foul territory for Ball #10 to end bp.

During the game.

reds royals

It would not stay clear as in this picture, it became increasingly dark and rained for a good portion of the game.

very dark sky

Prior to the start of the game Billy Hamilton launched me his warm up ball, Ball #11.


Alex Gordon threw me his bottom of the second warm up ball, Ball #12.


Some people shouted to give the ball to one of the kids.  First, no kid is getting a ball if people want to dictate what I should do.  Second, all the little kids had a boatload of baseballs from all the front row toss ups during bp, and the game…

Wednesday, 9/26

Lauren and I took a trip to an overlook at a park that had a nice view of Cincinnati prior to going to GABP.

Pretty nice.

park view

Philip Ervin tossed Ball #1 to me out in right center field.

A Reds player I could not identify tossed Ball #2 to me.

That was all for the Reds portion of bp.

For the Royals, I was able to get a toss up from Brad Keller for Ball #3, and Alex Gordon for Ball #4.


My final ball of the year was a smashed homer that bounced in one of the tunnels in RF and bounced up onto the ceiling, I grabbed this on a soft rebound for Ball #5.


Two Day Series-17



Thanks for checking me out, and check back in for my best moments of the year and goals for 2019.



Pirates v Beer Makers, PNC Park, 9/21-22/2018

Last PNC Park home stand of the year.  It was nice to have the Brewers in town with their hitting and pretty cool group of players.  Milwaukee threw up a lot of baseballs with Curtis Granderson and Keon Broxton leading the charge.

Friday, 9/21

This one began with a toss up from an unidentified Pirates call up for Ball #1 followed by a toss up from Josh Harrison, Ball #2, the first toss up I have gotten from J-Hay.

I got another thrown baseball from Erik Kramer, Ball #3.

Next I caught an Elias Diaz homer for Ball #4, and then a Josh Harrison scrum for Ball #5 followed by another scrum for Ball #6, unidentified player.

To end things up I got a toss up from an unidentified Brewer, and a scrum for Ball # 7, 8.

Saturday, 9/22

For the final Pirates portion of bp on the year I got two early scrums for Ball #1,2 and then came away with a Corey Dickerson and Heberto Andrade toss up for Ball # 3, 4.

Keon Broxton was busy throwing up alot of baseballs and trying to scale the entire CF fence in front of the visiting bullpen, he showed some big leaping ability.  A very athletic man indeed.

Keon threw me a baseball midway through Brewers bp for Ball #5.

broxton 6

Curtis Granderson threw me a baseball on the Roberto Clemente Wall for Ball #6 on the day.

To end things at PNC for the year I came away with two caught homers on the riverwalk, Ball #7, 8.

Pirates v Royals, PNC Park, 9/18-19/2018

Monday, 9/18

This was a three game series that would be cut short to two being that the Monday game was rained out.

Its been heavy on the rain outs all year, most so in April and end of July, both brutal.

Kansas City was a welcome site to see at PNC though, they were overall a nice group of players and brought with them all clean KC 50th anniversary commemorative baseballs.

Things started off for me with a scrum that was an easy grab since it landed down the line in an empty row of seats for Ball #1.

Josh Bell lined one into the lower bleachers that I was able to come down the steps for and catch on the fly for Ball #2.

Next was a caught homer off the bat of Elias Diaz and an unidentified Pirate for Ball #3 and 4.

Ball # 5, 6, and 7 were all scrums from KC Royals players I was unable to identify.  They were all clean commemorative baseballs.

Tuesday, 9/19

I got off to a quick start during Pirates bp with two caught homers and a scrum for Ball #1, 2, 3.

During KC Royals I came away with toss ups from Meibrys Viloria and Ben Lively, both commemorative baseballs.  That would be it for the day.  Ball #4, 5.

royals baseballs


Pirates v Marlins, PNC Park, 9/7/2018

The Pirates would end up playing the Marlins only once at 705, with the others being a Saturday day game (rescheduled because of Pitt v Penn State college football) and a game that is scheduled as a makeup for today.  It wont be played as both the Pirates and Marlins have been eliminated from the post season for some time now.

It was a good performance all around, as I was able to make double digits, the second time reaching doubles for the week.

It was also cool to see Dennis Mora in town again.  I took a picture of him and Erik talking during bp.


erik and dennis

Elias Diaz was out in LF which was rare, so I jumped on the opportunity to get a toss up from him, and came through with Ball #1.

I got a scrum over in LF for Ball #2, then went over to CF for Pirates lefties.  Richard Rodriguez has been a consistently generous guy with the baseball this year, he threw me I think three baseballs this year to include Ball #3 during this one.

Things went well during the last Pirates groups when I settled onto the LF crosswalk, Ball #4 caught homer, Ball #5 scrum, Ball #6 caught homer.

During Marlins bp, I lamented not having Giancarlo Stanton but he plays for the Yankees now and that’s awesome.  Anyway, not knowing much of the Miami team I came away with two scrums early for Ball #7, and Ball #8, followed by an unidentified Marlins toss up for Ball #9 and a final caught homer for Ball #10.

Pirates v Reds, PNC Park, 9/4-5/2018

Currently I am dealing with a hip sprain from playing pick up basketball.  Also it was about 93 degrees give or take a few for both of these games with the Reds.  I was slowed down with the injury and hoped only for about 4-5 balls.

9/4, Tuesday

I started off in CF and found a baseball in the front row for Ball #1.  Same section, same spot I asked Richard Rodriguez for a toss up and he obliged for Ball #2.  Up higher on the river walk I played for a Corey Dickerson hr and he hit one right at me which was an easy hr catch for Ball #3.

Next I headed over to LF and Heberto Andrade was just arriving and he hooked me up with a toss up for Ball #4, it was nice to see him for the first time in a while.

With whatever adrenaline I was subject to when a baseball is soaring towards me I was able to make two catches of hr’s by Jordy Mercer, Ball #5-6.

This was followed by two scrums, Ball #7-8.

On the Clemente Wall I was able to come away with a toss up from Scott Schebler, Ball #9.

Back over in LF I came away with two more scrums that landed in opportune spots for my injury and a caught homer which didn’t require much effort.  Ball #10-11-12.  So sprained hip and all I believe 12 is the most for me in a game this year.  Weird.  That’s baseball for you, something new every day.

9/5, Wednesday

Still significantly slowed down I came in again with a goal of getting 4-5 baseballs.

Heberto Andrade was present again early and hit me up with a baseball for Ball #1.

Things slowed way down from the previous day, a few baseballs I may have went for if healthy I had to leave alone, but oh well.  I did come down with two caught homers, Ball #2-3.

Over at the Reds dugout, the Pirates ball boy who works for the visiting teams came out with a bunch of baseballs for a small group of people including myself, Ball #4.



Pirates v Braves 8/20-21-22/2018

It was cool to see the Braves, who are new and improved with a lot of youth and have been an exciting team with a chance of winning their division.

The weather was agreeable for all three of the games, but the Pirates for one reason or another did not take bp on Saturday’s game.

8/20, Thursday

During the Pirates portion of bp I came away with two caught home runs, Ball #1-2, and one scrum, Ball #3.

The Braves players are pretty generous and probably the most generous teams I have seen this year other then the A’s.

Early on during Braves bp reliever Jesse Biddle tossed me up Ball #4.

The Braves bp was pretty boring, other then that of Jose Acuna Jr.  I was able to get a caught homer off of his bat on the LF crosswalk near the bullpen.

8/21, Friday

To begin I caught a homer, a rare one, off the bat of Sean Rodriguez for Ball #1.  After this I scrummed a homer off the bat of Jordan Luplow, Ball #2.

Atlanta then took the field and things went well with toss ups and hit baseballs.

Mike Foltynewicz threw me a baseball at the North Side notch area for Ball #3.

Ronald Acuna Jr hit another one onto the LF crosswalk which was easy to catch for Ball #4.

Kevin Newcomb hit me with a toss up for Ball #5.  To close things out I was able to catch another on the fly from an unidentified Brave and came away with another scrum for Ball #6-7.

8/22, Saturday

One ball, a caught homer from an unidentified Braves hitter.  No Pirates bp, optional Braves bp.

It was nice to catch two homers off the bat of a young phenom, Ronald Acuna Jr.

cubs braves


Pirates v Cubs, PNC Park, 8/16-17-18/2018

This was a disappointing series because we did not see the Cubs take bp for any of these games.  This was due to rainy weather.

The Pirates did take bp on one of these games.

8/16, Thursday

Ball #1-Heberto Andrade

Ball #2-Scrum

Ball #3-Caught homer

8/17, Friday

Ball #1-Adam Frazier toss up at LF wall, after this the Pirates abruptly left the field and the tarp was put on for forecasts of rain.

8/18, Saturday

Ball #1-Pedro Strop toss up

pedro strop