Pirates v D’Backs, PNC Park, 7/2-3/2014

I miss chasing game home runs more often, a Gem of the Diamond is something I wish I could chase more often.  Having two little ones to spend time with is bigger then that though, but I try to get as many chances as I can to stay for games.  Whats better then being at the game with them.

photo 2

First we hung out at the bullpen as Dominik wanted to say whats up to Herbie and try for a ball.  Herbie has talked with Dom many times and waved to him then followed with a baseball over the fence, Ball 5 on the day as I caught it for Dom bare handed.  Not sure he is ready to bare hand one.

Back to the start of bp, I ran late due to an issue with a volatile client about housing and such, never a good move when its close to leave time.  A goal of mine is to never leave work in a stressed or anxious mood.  Things ended smoothly to the day and I made it to the gates.

Ball 1 of the day was a toss up by Heberto Andrade.

Ball 2 a caught homer.

Ball 3 a caught homer, a guy from above in the handicap section tried to like pull it out of my glove, I had to rip downward to get him off me.  Thankfully things ended smoothly.

Ball 4 a toss up again by Josh Collmenter, made a connection with him yesterday.

Prior to the game Dominik wanted to get his baseball signed by Manny Sanguillen, I got a fat burger, and asked Dominik to ask Manny if he knew Roberto Clemente.  Manny signed his baseball and replied, “He was my best friend!”

photo 1

I got to witness in person a Gregory Polanco Homer for the first time, and later we settled into seats under the Clemente Wall.

Gregory Polanco is a specimen, long, rangy, quick, powerful.  Let him put on some muscle!!

Stardom Awaits

photo 3

Shianne laughed when he spit, commented on his dirty pants, and asked if Mccutchen could come home with us.  Dominik and I were able to talk baseball for a good bit, and I reviewed with him a lot he learned in instructional baseball this year, I was happy to see his understanding and interest grow.

They both had some good Ritas and they both went wild for the Pierogi Race.  Best time I had at a game in a while.  My mother was there as well, and she was able to enjoy a good game with good times as well.

With Shianne in my arms, we were able to catch the fifth inning toss up from Andrew Mccutchen.

Ball 6

July 3, 2014

Ball 1, #200 on the year was a toss up from Jeanmar Gomez.

photo 5

Ball 2 a toss up from Heberto Andrade.

Ball 3 scrum

Ball 4 Edinson Volquez toss up, giveaway to a little guy.

Ball 5 found.

Two games-11








  1. DNR

    I am the guy that supposedly tried to rip the ball out of your glove on July 2 from handicap section. That ball was coming right at me and I didn’t even see you. All I was watching was the ball and as it and your glove ended up in my glove, I wasn’t even sure whose glove the ball was in. That was the reason I didn’t let go. I also was not on you. Sorry about that but like I said, our gloves and the ball came together all at once.

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