Pirates v Snakes, PNC Park, 7/1/2014

To start the month of July the Diamondbacks were in town, it was a hot one too.  US Soccer was on at 4pm, so maybe some people had intentions of watching, Josh Collmenter was all draped up and decked out in red, white and blue.

photo 2

Josh would toss me Ball 5 of the day, he was one of the more easy to recognize Dbacks despite the red, white and blue.

July began however with a nice, crisp throw from Heberto Andrade.  Ball 1.

Ball 2 was an adventure, a Jordy Mercer ball touched down on the lf crosswalk and found its way onto the concourse through some concrete and metal that blocks things off, somewhat.  I like obstacles and tough scrums, and was mindful of one of those guys without a glove that is determined, and quite clueless on how to get a baseball.  I knew this was his chance and he would have a beat on it, so instead of going around and losing time I jumped up over some concrete and crawled through some metal structure to grab the ball at an ushers feet.  Cool scrum it was.

Ball 3 was a ball that was smacked down the line near the foul pole, I backhanded it off the track on a bounce.

Ball 4 was a rare toss up from Stolmy Pimentel.

Ball 6 a toss up in CF from an unidentified Snake.

Ball 7 a toss up from a random Snake that I gave to a kid I believe it was intended for.

Mismatched Snakes gear helped net 3 Snake toss ups.

photo 1




photo 3



One comment

  1. Peter

    I think it’s pathetic you dress in the opposing teams clothes just to get balls. Way to support the Pirates,

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