Pirates v Cubs, PNC Park, 8/1/2018

This game was remarkable for bad reasons, three people were injured during bp.  First a kid took one of his arm trying to make a catch and fell to the ground.  Second, a man took a baseball off the top of his head which knocked him down.  Third, and the worst of all, a young boy, who in my opinion should not have been left to his own accord in the front row took a bp homer to the face.  This may have been a result of Jesse Chavez launching his glove in the air to try and knock it down or whatever.

This game was also remarkable given that security was not present at the season ticket holder gate, just about everyone wearing Cubs apparel were streaming into the narrow LF bleachers and the small CF section.  It really was a ridiculous, raucous crowd.

I didn’t do bad but it was a struggle.

Upon entrance I was able to track down a Starling Marte ground rule double by the LF foul pole.  Ball #1.

Ball #2 was another scrum, with Erik J. that he originally covered with his glove then the baseball seemingly fell back out.

Ball #3 was a ricochet catch on the LF crosswalk, followed by a caught homer off the bat of Ben Zobrist, Ball #4.





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