Pirates v Nationals, PNC Park, 7/9/2018

The weather was good for the week, no threats of rain.

boat on allegheny2

Washington was a pretty exciting bp team, however, Bryce Harper only took an abbreviated bp during the second game.  He was not present for bp the first game.

7/9, Monday

For the first time in a long time as I went into the LF bleachers, after others had already entered I found a baseball sitting right out in the open, Ball #1.

Ball #2 was a scrum of a baseball that took a ricochet in my direction.  Elias Diaz continues to make Pirates bp in LF entertaining, he launched one onto the crosswalk that I caught on the fly for Ball #3, and hit another which I was able to scrum for Ball #4.

Anthony Rendon was the hot hitter for the Nationals, Erik Jabs caught two of his homers on the fly, and I was able to come away with a catch also on the LF crosswalk for Ball #5.

Over on the Clemente Wall I was able to find another ball on the day for Ball #6, and back over in LF I finished things off with a scrum for Ball #7.

7/10, Tuesday

Things began on cue with a Heberto Andrade toss up for Ball #1.

Over in CF I caught a Josh Bell homer on the river walk for Ball #2.

My next baseball was a caught homer off the bat of Jordan Luplow, another nice addition to Pirates bp as he can rake them up onto the LF crosswalk.  Anyway, he hit one really high and into the sun which I initially couldn’t track.  I noticed others staring up at the ball as it continued to carry.  I ran to my right on the LF crosswalk and up the staircase to the upper bleachers and arrived just in time for the catch up top.  Ball #3.

I finished up with two scrums on the LF crosswalk hit by unidentified Nationals, Ball #4, Ball #5.






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