Pirates v Brewers, PNC Park, 7/12-13/2018

Milwaukee didn’t show much between Thames, Yelich, Aguilar, etc.  They were fair at best in terms of their bp.

7/12, Thursday

Zack Hample was in town so there was somewhat of a buzz in the air with all the young kids and younger ball hawks.  Just about all the regulars who frequent PNC were on hand also.

To get things going Thursday Heberto Andrade came out and threw a baseball right at me, Ball #1.

Ball #2 was a clean catch on the LF crosswalk, followed by a scrum also on the LF crosswalk.

For a while things died down, in RF the Brewers showed little pop, providing minimal opportunity.  I decided to go over and play Keon Broxton in the last group on the LF crosswalk and this payed off as he skied a long homer to me for Ball #4.

7/13, Friday

One of my lowest evening games in a while which took me into the All Star Break at 184 balls on the season.

Ball #1-Heberto Andrade decided to throw me a baseball.

Ball #2-Scrum near the North Side Notch.

All Star Break total-184

Career Total-3365


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