Pirates v Snakes, PNC Park, 6/21/2018

This was the last series at PNC park for the month of June for me.  Saturday and Sunday were both day games without batting practice.  Friday was rained out.  My goal was to get to 150 baseballs by the end of the month and luckily I was able to do so during the only game of four I attended.

Ball # 1 was thrown to me from foul territory into fair territory by the LF foul pole from a PNC park staff, a young lady who is new to the job.  She seemed hesitant to throw it to a fan but caved with a little persistence.

Ball #2 thrown by Heberto Andrade.

For the rest of Pirates bp I came away with three caught homers in a row, one by Josh Bell in CF and two hit by Jose Osuna in LF.  Ball # 3-4-5.

I had a bad string of luck as throughout the rest of Arizona’s bp I was just out of reach from catching 3-4 other homers, but that’s baseball.

Luckily, Archie Bradley, who threw at least 30 baseballs into the stands along with his counter part TJ Mcfarland.  They threw up just about every baseball that came to LF, reminding me of how generous Jose Fernandez was as a Miami Marlin.

I came away with an Archie Bradley toss up at the LF wall and at the end of batting practice got his attention on the LF cross walk for a second toss up from him.  Ball #6-7.

Thank you Archie Bradley.






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