Pirates v Reds, PNC Park, 6/15-16/2018

6/15, Friday

I wasn’t very excited about seeing the lowly Reds batting practice, but turns out the Pirates would start off the series v the Reds with an excellent bp with lots of opportunity.

It was definitely a nice day for baseball.

a nice night

Right out of the gates I chased down a Starling Marte hr for Ball #1, this followed up with two other early scrums, Ball #2-3, then Heberto Andrade for Ball #4.

Elias Diaz continues to reach the LF crosswalk consistently allowing me to catch two of his bp homers for Ball #5-6.

I scrummed two more baseballs hit by the Buccos for Ball #7-8.

On the Clemente Wall I was able to find a baseball at the top of the section for Ball #9.  I was hoping to hit double digits before bp ended, but the Reds are just a bad, bad team for ball hawking.

Of news tonight was that Joe Vogel, also known as Baseball Joe 365 would throw out the first pitch.



During the game I was able to find some open space in CF to go for a Starling Marte in game toss up between innings and came through with double digits for the day, Ball #10.

marte for ten

6/16, Saturday

This was another string of Saturday 4:05 starts which continue to be more and more by the year, taking away a bunch of STH time for evening game starts.

Initially I wasn’t going to play the river walk for the first two groups of the Pirates as we waited to gain entrance, but Erik seemed hopeful about some of our lefties so I gave it a go.

Erik got a bounce off the river walk, I was able to come away with a ball that went through the tree to the left in the pic below which saved it from going into the water.  The ball hit the light pole in the picture below and shot out hard to the right of the pole which I was able to get to for Ball #1.

riverwalk ball

There would be no Pirates bp to see by the time of entrance, all I got out of the Reds was a Ball #2 from Rasiel Iglesias he tossed up to me on the Clemente Wall.

iglesiasjj (1)






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