Pirates v Beer Makers, PNC Park, 6/18-19/2018

6/18, Monday

It was definitely a hot one Monday as the temps reached the lower 90’s, surprisingly the Pirates were on field for bp.

Things got started with a catch of a homer hit by the recently called up Jose Osuna, Ball #1.

A disappointing part of this day is there was not an appearance by Heberto Andrade, and the Pirates bp the majority of the time was poor.

When the Brewers came out and started hitting I was able to get the attention of Domingo Santana in CF for a toss up of Ball #2.


I was able to get another toss up in CF from an unidentified Brewer.  Ball #3.

Back over in LF I scrummed a ball that landed nicely in the upper bleachers for Ball #4.

Ball #5 was a tough catch of a homer that I was able to reach down for from the handicap section of LF.

6/19, Tuesday

brewer gear

This is how much sweat occurred during another hot day in which there was much running and scrumming going on.

Richard Rodriguez tossed me up Ball #1, and afterwards was scorned by Chad Kuhl, who along with Trevor Williams and Jordan Comadena continue to go out of their way to ensure that not a single ball reaches the warning track or into the stands.  I am waiting for the day that one of these clowns gets hurt over a bp baseball and gets their ass landed on the DL.

They didn’t hurt my game at all though, I got Ball #2 on a homer off the bat of Starling Marte, then Ball #3 from Heberto Andrade who was back in the mix.

I scrummed a ball in the upper bleachers for Ball #4 then went on a three in a row caught homer run for Ball #5-6-7.  One, another by Elias Diaz and another was a laser off the bat of Christian Yelich that cleared the handicap seats on the CF riverwalk area on a line.

My final ball of the day which slowed down alot after the first Brewers group was a toss up from the grounds crew member who cleans out the batter eye ivy area of baseballs prior to the game, Ball #8.






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