Phillies v Athletics, Citizens Bank Park, 9/16/2017

I was in Philadelphia to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon, do some more sightseeing with my wife and kids, and to see a game at CBP.  The race was flat and the weather was cool, although not in full training mode I put up a 1:31 timing.

after race

CBP is not on my list of favorites, you get in at 5:05 and it usually is fairly crowded with a difficult to manage LF.  The ushers also go to work to get every possible would be easter egg.

There’s not much to see on the walk around CBP, except for this view of their flags which is cool.


We sat way up top to watch the game, the Liberty Bell and the Philadelphia skyline are miles apart but made for a good pic from our seats.

cbp view

During bp I was able to get in first into LF for a scrum of maybe the last homer of the Phillies bp, Ball #1, after I got it the Phillies hit for a minute or two more.

Although the Phillies are deep in the cellar and the A’s are also in the cellar somehow it was pretty crowded, the line stretched across the street outside the LF gate.

I came away with one more for the day, a toss up from an unidentified A’s player in RF, Ball #2.

a toss up from an a

I was excited to take in a game and relax with my wife Lauren, son Dominik and daughter Shianne but rain hit hard after the second inning causing a long delay which eventually prompted us to leave.

We had a good time altogether.  Dominik worked a toss up from one of the A’s in LF.

pell with toss up ball

Shianne got in some dancing during the rain delay.


Lauren and I were able to spend two innings enjoying a game together for once.

me and babe





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