Pirates v Reds, PNC Park, 9-1/9-3


With the September call ups out on the field there were a few more opportunities for a toss up, I got the attention early on as I entered of Angel Sanchez for Ball #1.  Angel threw a few others and generously signed for fans after bp.

Heberto Andrade tossed up Ball #2.


With kids now in school, the Pirates basically out of contention for the playoffs, and miserable moves and lack thereof of the Pirates regime the left field cross walk was open for business.

crosswalk open

I was able to come away with two caught homers off the bat of Andrew Mccutchen, and another caught homer unidentified.  Balls #3-4-5-6, including a scrum that made its way under the concession stands.

Cincinnati is just a miserable team to watch for bp, they were worse then earlier in the season.

I scrummed one ball during the last swings of the last round of Reds bp, Ball #7, on the steps up to the upper bleachers.

9/3, Sunday

There would be no bp today, I decided to go directly over to the RF gate area where I was able to walk right in and through the tunnel to get into foul territory where some Reds players were warming up early.  No one was manning the post so I had a half hour to myself.

Reds bullpen catcher Dustin Hughes tossed me up Ball #1.  After this I had to sit around for a bit until some more Reds players came out to warm up.

Dustin Hughes hanging out in the stands.

dustin hughes

Kevin Shackelford came out next, and it would become the first time I was able to have a short throwing session with an MLB player despite many attempts in the past.  Shackelford threw with me for a few minutes then went into his calisthenics workout, Ball #2.

reds cap

At the bullpen, while chatting with a few PNC regulars, a ball was tossed up way over the fence, I made an easy reach back and made the grab for Ball #3.  I gave it away to a young kid it was likely intended for.






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