Pirates v Dodgers, PNC Park, 8/21-23/2017

Monday 8/21

After having missed three games of the Pirates v Cardinals series I was back in town after vacation hoping to continue my goal of getting to 300 baseballs on the year.

The Dodgers steam rolled into town, without two key figures I was hoping to see, Bellinger (hurt), and Pederson (sent down).

There was no Pirates bp on the 21st of this series, thanks to the Pirates playing at Williamsport vs the Cardinals the prior night.  Making things harder was a surprisingly large bp crowd.  The Dodgers were overall underwhelming, I came close to one scrum and came away with zero baseballs for the first time in 150 games or so.

Tuesday 8/22

Thunderstorms cancelled bp.

Wednesday 8/23

Despite photo day going on the Pirates surprisingly were taking bp, when I entered the first group was winding down.  I was able to get on the board quickly with a Starling Marte home run scrum as I entered, Ball #1.

Ball #2 was a scrum on the LF crosswalk of a Jordy Mercer hr.

Ball #3 was a caught homer off the bat of Josh Bell also on the LF crosswalk with Bell taking cuts right handed.

Heberto Andrade was a no show for this Pirates bp, and the Dodgers were underwhelming in the bp homer department again.

Series-3 baseballs




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