Pirates v Tigers, PNC Park, 8/7/2017

Today we narrowly escaped a rain out of bp, it was wet for a while with the grounds crew on standby for a bit but things worked out.

I got off to a quick start with a rare Starling Marte home run scrum, it has been rare lately that we have seen any of the Pirates first bp group with the Pirates early bp starts.  Ball #1.

Heberto Andrade provided Ball #2.

Things would get a little tough after this as the place was crawling with Tigers fans and a lot of kids both Pirates and Tiger fans.

Andrew Mccutchen hit one homer onto the LF crosswalk but Erik J. had positioning on me to make the grab.  Jordy Mercer was unheard of as well.  I needed to get things going a little with the rarely seen Pirates third group which was on the field today.

Jose Osuna would be the guy to key on in the third group.  He provided just enough for me to make two catches on homers into the bleachers one near the bullpen and one up top on the crosswalk, Ball #3-4.

Chad Kuhl finally tossed me a baseball after many requests, Ball #5, and I caught an unidentified Tiger homer on the LF crosswalk for Ball #6.

That’s when the rain came and the crowd really got tough, and Miggy Cabrera hit in two groups of bp, putting on an impressive display of power to all fields, although I couldn’t get to one.





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