Pirates v Cardinals, PNC Park, 7/14-15/2017

7/14, Friday

To get things going after the All Star break I found a baseball in the LF bleachers which was clearly from a practice the prior day, it was wet, and Erik J came up with one in CF.  Nice to find a ball in LF for once.  Ball #1.

Heberto Andrade was back to his kind ways after the break providing a toss up for Ball #2.

I caught a Cutch homer for Ball #3, and got a scrum for Ball #4 to end my day.

7/15, Saturday

This one started with an early scrum of a homer by Cutch, Ball #1, and another toss up from Heberto Andrade, Ball #2, who has been right on both games so far after the break.

That was all for the Pirates, Clint Hurdle has been back to having the third group hit indoors which has been happening more often the same was as the last two years.

On the way over to check out the St. Louis Cardinals stretch and throw I finally got hooked up by a friend who now works as a supervisor at PNC, Ball #3.  When I arrived on the RF line I found Ball #4 which must have been a foul ball from the first Pirates group.

In LF for the Cardinals portion of bp I caught two homers on the LF crosswalk, Ball #5-6.



Great weather for the series..

nice day on the allegheny


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