Indians v Padres, Progressive Field, 7/5/2017

This was my second trip to Cleveland on the year after a few other planned trips were foiled by rain or other reasons.

It was great to be back at my second home, Progressive Field.

cleveland walk up

In the pre renovation days of Progressive field you could almost count on coming away with 2-3 easter eggs, today, no chance.  The new Progressive field gate is 5:00pm, and the workers take away all the eggs, today I needed to run and jump over a few seats to beat one worker trying to pick up a ball, Ball #1.

Ball #2 was a toss up from Kevin Quackenbush.

Ryan Buchter tossed me Ball #3, and Jose Torres tossed up Ball #4.

Ball #5 was a bit of an adventure, I made a quick break on a ball approaching Heritage Park that would go over the fencing into a tree, then take a room service bounce for an easy grab.

Ball #6 was another toss up from a Padres player, the Padres turned out to be a pretty friendly team.







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