Pirates vs Phillies, PNC Park, 7/2-3/2013

Game 1 vs Phils

After over a week of no baseball games since the tough time at Comerica Park the Phillies, and a big crowd greeted me.  I got off to a nice running start ranging all the way over to the pens to grab a ground rule double for Ball #1.

Vin Mazzaro threw me Ball #2, maybe me, it sailed over a young girl and boys head in the front so I gave it to the boy.

With what was looking like a tough day I gave a shout out to Heberto who tossed up Ball #3.

Ball #4 was a caught homer off the bat of Delmon Young who was tearing up some baseballs, I was on the crosswalk behind the handicap seats.

Ball #5 was a caught homer hit by John Mayberry, it was ball #1700, I handed it over without thinking to a little guy with a

Game 2 vs Phils

I had to leave bp a little early on this one.

We got in early enough to see Andrew Mccutchen and company in the second Pirate group which was cool.  Hopefully this will continue.  Mccutchen hit a high drive that I needed to go up on the bleacher for to ensure the catch for Ball #1.

Ball #2 was a blast by Gaby Sanchez which hit the crosswalk and bounced nicely under the upper bleachers where I caught it on a ricochet.

Ball #3 was a ground rule catch.

Ball #4 a caught homer.

2 game total-9





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