Indians vs White Sox, Progressive Field

30% chance of rain, I used a day off for today, if It had been higher I may not have went to this but Erik and I decided to go for it.  When we first got to Cleveland it was almost totally clear, and then a bunch of rain clouds threatened, with some raindrops for like 5-10 mins but it never shaped into trouble.  Erik and I watched as Carlos Santana I think raked some balls into the seats during an early Indian hitting session for him and some righty.  There were like 5 balls, and we didnt see any ushers ever pick them up.

Amy noticed when we were getting ready to go in that she saw somone with some baseballs but we werent sure, she turned out to be right.

There was only one ball to be found and I was in the right spot to do that for Ball 1.  Later we saw an usher giving away like 3 balls to random fans.

Here is a look at Cle and the very uncrowded seats, but the bats werent getting much done at all on either side of the field.  But it ws really empty.

So with the lack of action was a plentitude of scrum opportunities on some weird plays, both with Chris Perez orchestrating them.  He launched a ball way high of Erik which took a bounce to the left where I was for Ball 2.

Another scrum occurred all the way over by the Indians pen when an unidentified right hander lifted one midway into the middle which took a favorable bounce my way where I fielded it for Ball 3.

Here is the pic of that AO (Area of operation).

Ball 4 was a scrum from another wild a$% toss up from that mafia dude Chris Perez.

Ball 5, that was a Carlos Santana high explosive blast that went directly into the trees.  And seeing the trees from close by I got a good jump and saw the ball in the trees when I got to the landing in Heritage Park.

Check out the trees of Heritage Park.

Lastly after many insanely high pop ups and 100 mile an hour liners to the outfield Adam Dunn came my way in the suburbs of the CF seats where I figured hed bring one to eventually.  It was yet another scrum with a guy closing in but I won the race for Ball 6.

Here is how deep I was playing done for some perspective.

Thats downtown Cleveland deep.





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