Pirates vs Brewers, PNC Park, 8/23/2011

Today was an important day at the ballyard.  I really need to get going to get to 400, and the Brewers are just the team that can jump start anyones stats.  Also today Zack Hample made his way to PNC in his attempt to make it to 30 stadiums.  It was cool for our paths to cross, and we got to hang out, chat, and take some good pictures outside and inside the stadium.

The Pirates, after having a double header yesterday started their bp later so we actually had about ten more minutes then we usually do with the Pirates taking bp.  This would mean that their could easily be some easter eggs for the finding, nevermind that, when I turned the corner to search in the bleachers some type of guest groups were already in there with balls in hand.

It was all hustle from the start, I knew that to maintain the PNC game single game record I had better make good attempts on all hit and tossed up baseballs.  Every possible scrum or home run I could get near I was moving.  Back and forth, up and down the bleachers, and trying to hustle toss ups, in an effort to maintain the PNC single game record.

Ball#1 was a ball hit by an unidentified Pirate, the chase was on from all angles to include Erik and Zack, (x2, Hample and Weiss)probably others too, as I ran up the steps to the crosswalk the ball took a bounce near the steps and found its way under the steps, I got down to my knees and reached for it as it slowly took a roll near me under the steps to the upper bleachers.

Ball #2 was a toss up from Jose Veras, as he scanned the bleachers looking for a target I gave one last loud shout and got the toss up.

Ball #3 was a scrum for a ball in the upper bleachers, this took alot of hustle and I was totally winded after I got it barely.  I was like the fourth one up the steps after it, and spotted it after another person went for it, but gravity was bringing it down, it just missed the guys hand, I fumbled it backwards but had just enough energy left to about face and grab it.

Ball#4 was a scrum or what I would rather call a room service hop that tipped off the top of another ballhawks glove, the toss up was from Ryan Braun one of my favorite players.  The little guy with the glove who was nearby was with Zack Hample (his name is Maple), he gave alot of effort to get baseballs and this one I handed off to him.

It was stiff competition all the way throughout, and the Brewers righties didnt put on the usual firework display that they normally do, Ive come to expect 8-10 balls when they are in town.

Oh, random side note, another scrum ball that went into the concourse under the LF rotunda, with all the ballhawks chasing,  Zack Weiss was close but let up and I really didnt see why at first and was closing in on the ball when an usher snatched it up arrogantly just as I was hoping to grab it, what a d-bag.  Why would you do that, how can they do that, I dont know, I do know that they snake all the easter eggs on the daily, but this one was way over the top, I had never seen an usher go for a ball so hard like this the way he went after it.

At the end of a tough day where the crowds started to jam up the 6 rows of bleachers to work with and a lame Brewers bp I ended with 4 balls.




1 ball given away.

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