Pirates vs Cardinals, PNC Park, 7/22-23/2011

Miserable home stand at a time when I need to get rolling if I am to crack 400 for the second straight year.  8 balls total in 4 games, that is two a game, likely the worst four game stretch I have ever been through.  The first game of the Reds series was rained out and I was saved by Heberto Andrade.  How many times can you ask a guy for a ball?  I dont know but I feel as if I am wearing  him thin.

So I hoped that bp would go well and that I could put some good numbers up.  It was nice all day long, until about 4:30 when the clouds erupted with rain, yet another rain out of bp.

I noticed after finding no balls in the bleachers that James Mcdonald was throwing a side session.  When he finished everyone wanted the three balls that Herbie Andrade had.  With an assist from Dominik in his Pirate uniform Herbie elected to throw me the ball, which was Dominiks to keep, Ball#1 and the only one of the day.

On Saturday, where you would expect to be above your average being in a half hour earlier, luck was no where near me, positioning, forget it, anything coming my way, forget it, toss up from Pirates or Cardinals pitchers, forget it.  But as the Pirates left the field I stood in my usual spot where Herbie tosses balls, and after giving away balls to select kids he fired the last one he had to me for Ball#1.

Well surely with Holliday, Pujols and Berkman who all have a tendency to go to Left Center or in the vicinity I would put up some crooked numbers, forget that too, the Cardinals ended their bp early.

Erik Jabs and other ballhawks went at 530 to look on the Clemente Wall for any balls, I thought to myself, should I go, and then thought, forget it, the ushers consistently clean up all balls in the seats.  There were I think 4-5 balls up there by Eriks report, so the day I didnt go over there turned out to be a mistake, at least I may have had one more ball.

I feel as though I am at a standstill after this weeks homestand, frustration has settled in, hopefully baseball will have a way of evening things out, some motivation, and some skillful plays, positioning, and hustle will turn things around, things have got to pick up soon!!!!

I am 10 balls away from 1000 career!



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