Pirates vs Reds, PNC Park, 7/19/2011

Today there was no threat of rain whatsoever, things would be better for sure, right,,,,,,,,,WRONG!

Someone please explain to me why the Pirates are walking off the field on the regular 5 mins after season ticket holders access the LF bleachers??

What the $$$% time do they start practicing, and what the mess are they doing for two hours before the game??

I was glad to have found Ball#1 in the front row of the LF bleachers about mid way in.

That was it for the Buccos, and I changed into Reds gear.

Things got going pretty quick, Johnny Cueto the pitcher type was taking some good cuts, I was involved in two scrums of his homers, and then was able to make a difficult catch battling the sun, and ranging to my left in between other fans going after it to make the catch for Ball#2.  My second caught hr from a pitcher, the other is Adam Wainwright.

Ball#3 was a climb the bleacher scrum for a Joey Votto homer to left center near the bullpen which I had a good read on, I knew it was going to take a huge bounce off the track and did, I hurdled a bunch of bleachers and got right to it as it settled on one of them for a seat.

Ball#4 was a toss up from an unidentified Reds pitcher, not sure who it was for, I assumed me as I was the only one in Reds gear where I was.

Ball#5 was a caught home run which I had a tough time again battling the sun with, and had to reach up and back pretty hard for, it landed deep in the web of my glove, nearly coming out.




12 more balls until 1000!


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