Pirates vs Reds, PNC Park, 7/18/2011

First game back to get some stats going after the break, my second favorite bp team the Reds were in town and I am ready to get the show on the road and rack em up.

It was a nice day all day long, until I reached the riverwalk to catch some outside the stadium.  From about 430-5 there was some thunder and rain off in the distance yet above the stadium it was fairly clear, and the players were still hitting.  When we went to get in line that had changed, as the white monster consumed the dry field.

I like to call the Pittsburgh groundscrew the lamest, and quickest crew to put that thing on.  Oh, and it didnt start raining until after 6, when bp would have been ending anyway, and that was just a sprinkle.  They either dont know how to read the radar or they are really not good at what they should be doing, which I feel is having the field ready for practice.

So with 123 games straight on the line, and knowing that when the cages are off they never come back on even if time allows in Pgh, and with the thought that the ushers likely had gotten any balls I decided to roll the dice on this streak and see what would happen.  I played the Reds toss ups, searched everywhere I could, and came up empty.

I had a few back up plans to ask some of the ushers who know me well and have repeatedly seen me give away balls to young kids and asked them if they could help me out to keep my streak going, neither would come through, one of which Erik and myself were sure had picked some up in RF.  I also asked the Song Whale guy, who to all of our dismay, sits in the Right Center seats during the Pirates bp collecting each and every ball that lands in that section or on the riverwalk.  Of course, he didnt have any either!!!  Its bad enough the ushers get away with cleaning the stadium of every ball, but a worker at a Song Whale booth, who shouldnt even be in the stands, Come on Man!!

I had two other ideas, one was to ask a cute promo woman that I usually flirt with who seems to like taking time to talk during the Pirates circus on the riverwalk.  She goes on the field after the game and I was going to ask her if she could come up with a ball somewhere.

The other idea is the one that worked.  Although Herbie Andrade has been hooking me up consistently I still was hesitant in a way to ask in a desperate way for him to help me with my streak when he hooks me up so much.  But that was the last viable option so I stood above the Pirates bullpen and planned on waiting until the bullpen cleared out and I had a chance to get his attention to explain my request.

I would never have to do that, Herbie pointed me out, before even throwing the ball he motioned that it would be for the young kid to my right.  That was good enough, he threw the ball high over the fence which I caught for the lone Ball#1 of the day, I confirmed with him who intended it to go to and gladly gave it up, relieved, and ready to go home from a game that was very long due to rain.

I thanked Herbie and explained what choosing me to catch that ball meant.

Here was my viewpoint.


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