Pirates vs Cubs, PNC Park, 7/8/2011

It had rained a bit throughout the afternoon and the lame Pirates groundscrew made no attempt for bp to occur, they quickly watered the field at 430 and moved on to whatever it is they do, not much if you ask me, as little work as possible as when it rains they quickly put the tarp on and call it a day even if it stops a few hours before bp occurs and dries up.

So I decided that I wasnt dealing with the sellout crowd and struggling mightly to keep my streak going, but I was forced to, I received a call from my wife that her and the kids bought tickets and were coming to the game, uh oh!

Consecutive games with a ball streak was on the line big time.

When we got in I was second behind Erik who hustled hard to search the bleachers, I figured hed cover it well, and reluctantly went to check the upper bleachers where there are rarely found balls.  But today there was one waiting for me in the third row back, no idea how it got there, but what a relief. 




I tried to get a ball from a Cubs player but it was too crowded, instead I had my ball signed by Rodrigo Lopez and Kerry Wood.

I hung out with Lauren and the kids when they arrived.

Dominik took a pic with the Parrot.

Dominik wanted to get a ball from Herbie Andrade who he always gets balls from and likes to talk to.  We headed over to the bullpen, and positioned in a perfect spot to have Herbie put a ball into his glove.


Herbie was there right as we walked up and said what up to Dominik and that it was good to talk to him, gave him a pound and said he wants to catch with Dominik on the field someday possible during a season ticket event.  I thought he would put a ball in Dominiks glove but he was in the bullpen for a while getting dressed, and hanging around.  After a long wait he reappeared and threw an abrupt high toss over the bullpen and LF seating fence which I had to make a bare hand catch on.  I set Dominik up for success to get the ball but it didnt work out that way, he was still happy to get a ball, due to the nature of the situation and catching it bare handed it was Ball#2.

Thanks Herbie

Dominik wanted to take a pic next to the Willie Stargell statue.

Todays baseballs-2, 1 of which was Dominiks




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