Indians vs Twins, Progressive Field, 5/1/2010

Today, we would be meeting Zack Hample to hang out, and go snagging.  When my brother and I woke up we decided to take a walk and analyze the weather.  Around 11am it wasnt looking too good.


Cleveland Browns stadium.


It began to rain around noon and we decided to take shelter at Starbucks, before that we ran into a guy on the streets who said he was a street comedian/tour guide.  His name was Bob, he was telling some semi funny jokes, and telling us about Cleveland.  I knew he was going to ask for some money, so I decided to get the guy a coffee and a donut at Starbucks for his genuine efforts.


We would then take a walk over to the enormous Lebron James poster.


We then would take a walk over to the stadium, it had stopped raining, but still wasnt looking very promising, and the tarp was still on the field.  I wasnt giving up on this day, we had a chance.  Erik Jabs was also on his way back up to Cleveland.  Here is a pic at a graveyard that is across the street from Progressive Field.


Around 1pm we would contact Zack Hample, and we decided to get some lunch.  Here we are walking from his hotel.

walking in cle.jpg

We picked the Hard Rock to eat lunch at, Zack decided to take a pick of Bryan, and I taking our first bite.

at hard rock.jpg

When we got to the gate, we took a nice action shot of Bryan, Zack, Erik, and myself.

action shot.jpg

Upon entering there would be no easter eggs due to the lack of early bp. 

I would be the last of us to get on the board when I was able to catch a hr hit by an unknown Indian, this was Ball#1.  I was 3 rows back, the ball barely cleared a bunch of teenagers in the front row.


Grady Sizemore would be the provider of Ball#2.  This ball would land about 5 rows back from where I was and roll down through the seats.  Some teenagers gave chase but the ball kept trickling down through the rows where I snagged it here.


It was definitely turning out to be a slow day for me, but I kept my focus.  Ball#3 was the result of a toss up to some teenagers in the front row which they missed, the ball rolled directly through the row and into my glove here.


I really wanted to catch a hr from Mauer, Morneau, or Thome so I picked a good spot about ten rows back in right center.  Morneau would hit a towering hr that would land near the front row, there were two teenagers there without gloves also trying to catch this ball.  I ran forward, took a couple steps to the left and reached out to catch the Morneau hr for Ball#4.  Later on I was able to take a nice pic of Morneau taking some practice swings.  He would homer in this game also, he went deep last night which Erik Jabs snagged.


When left field opened up I sprinted in to check for easter eggs, the ushers were scooping them up today because there were none.  When scouting for them before I noticed at least 5 balls that should have been in there, oh well. 

Erik, Bryan, Zack, and myself would take a cool photo of our Twins Target Field Commemorative balls in Heritage park.

commemorative target field.jpg

Before the game Zack, and I would try our luck with a pre game warm up from one of the Twins, neither of us would come through, but we both came through with a nice autograph.  Zack would get Justin Morneau to sign his ticket, and I would get Denard Span to sign the Justin Morneau caught hr ball from earlier.  Denard is a really cool guy in my book, last year in the Metrodome he threw me a ball to help me avoid a shutout, and made it possible for me to snag a ball in the Metrodome in the last chance I would ever have to do so.  Here he is signing some more after I had attained the autograph.


After this I would take some photos of Progressive field.

Here is one of the Progressive scoreboard with Zack making an appearance.


And todays baseballs with some career/year stats.


Year-75 balls

Career-407 balls


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